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AERO Exhaust

Premium Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust Line

AERO’s unique, patented Air-Foil Cone Technology (AERO Turbine) is what sets it apart from other performance exhaust brands. Engineered and designed for enthusiasts that require premium craftsmanship, effective sound cancellation, and maximum performance gains! A breakthrough design that delivers on all levels, such as improving the evacuation of the exhaust pulses while reducing EGTs, eliminating unwanted sound frequencies (rasp), and enhancing your application’s overall torque and horsepower output. All AERO Exhaust products feature a complete 304-grade stainless steel construction and are fully backed by a lifetime limited warranty!

• 304-grade Stainless Steel Construction
• Patented Air-Foil Cone Technology
• Increased Engine Performance
• Universal Mufflers & Resonators
• Direct Bolt-On Exhaust Systems
• Direct-Fit & Universal Exhaust Tips
• Lifetime Limited Warranty

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