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Premium Duty

Heavy Duty Muffler Line

The Premium Duty muffler line offers the best of both worlds - quality and functionality. The fully welded construction provides a reinforced external muffler body design for all heavy-duty applications. This is the perfect muffler for your daily truck, SUV, or any towing application hauling precious cargo, delivering the performance and durability your vehicle requires! 

The internal louvered cores provide maximum flow, enabling the exhaust pulses to evacuate much more efficiently than a conventional-style muffler while delivering a smooth tone throughout the RPM band. The Premium Duty line is available in multiple configurations & diameters.

• Fully Welded Body
16-Gauge Aluminized Steel Construction 
• Louvered Cores Provide a Mild Performance Tone 
• Ideal for Heavy-Duty Applications 
• 100% North American Made
• Multiple Configurations & Diameters
• Popular Direct-Fit Options Available

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