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Eco Plus

OE Style Replacement Muffler Line

Best in its class! The EcoPlus muffler line is 100% North American made, delivering effective sound control and premium quality. The optimal 2 or 3 internal baffle design effectively reduces the overall decibel level in any application. The double wrapped body alongside the interlocked seams reinforces the integrity of the muffler, preventing an inferior “oil-canning” effect. 

True to size, most EcoPlus mufflers feature a smooth inlet and outlet diameter without any expansions or reductions. The fully welded necks provide additional reinforcement, preventing nasty exhaust leaks from developing. This line is also available in the traditional turbo-style and t-style configurations for vehicles that require improved flow or alternative routing.

• Handcrafted Double Wrapped Body Mufflers
• Over 80 SKUs To Choose From
• Available in Multiple Configurations & Diameters
• Optimal 2, 3 and Turbo Baffle Design
• Reinforced Welded Necks
• Interlocked Seams
• 100% North American Made

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