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Street Flow

Performance Chambered Muffler Line

A 100% North American-Made product for the world of high performance! Street Flow delivers a deep performance tone that will complement any application! Built from 16-gauge aluminized steel and finished with a premium powder coat finish for durability and longevity. Available in the traditional one-chamber, two-chamber, three-chamber, and the all-new round design, providing multiple sound options for any exhaust job. The 3/8” unpainted ports provide an installer-friendly design which will only make the job easier!

• Handcrafted Chambered Mufflers 
• Precision Fitment and Installer-Friendly Design  
• 16-Gauge Aluminized Steel Construction 
• High-Heat Premium Powder Coat Finish  
• Improved Flow Characteristics
• Multiple Sound Options 
• 3 Year Limited Warranty

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