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Street Max

Stainless Steel Straight-Through Performance Muffler Line

Street Max delivers a deep performance tone without the excessive interior drone or high-pitched external sound frequencies (rasp). A unique design that features a high-heat thermal mesh, providing superior sound control while preventing blowouts. 

The Street Max design incorporates a straight-through core providing optimal flow for improved horsepower and torque! The 16-gauge 409-grade stainless steel construction delivers superior strength and durability! Available in various body dimensions and configurations for both domestic and import applications. A high-quality product backed by 3-year limited warranty! 

• Straight-Through Design (fully reversible) 
• 409-Grade 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Construction 
• Delivers A Deep Performance Tone 
• High-Heat Thermal Mesh 
• Improved Horsepower & Torque 
• Effective Drone Reduction 
• 3 Year Limited Warranty

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