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Street Pack

Heavy Duty Glass Pack Line

More than just a traditional glasspack! While you can expect similar sound characteristics, a Street Pack features a superior 16-gauge heavy-duty construction, 100% fully welded inside and out, and AKDQ ports for solid durability and formability. Street Pack offers the right solution, whether you need a 1.75” unit with a neck or a 3.0” blank unit without a neck. 

The internal core design features 1/2” perforated louvered ports via a unique spiral design, enabling maximum flow and performance. All units are fully reversible for optimal sound control. Proudly produced in North America! 

• Heavy Duty 16-Gauge Aluminized Steel Construction
• Single Packed Internal Design
Spiral Louvered Core w/ Deep Performance Tone
AKDQ Necks Allow for Easy Expansion
Reversible Design for Optimal Sound Control
1/2” Perforated Louvers 
100% North American Made

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